Toast Thursday

October 14, 2010

Toast is one of my favorite places in Durham, particularly for lunch. Nothing really beats a warm sandwich and a hot bowl of soup from them in the winter, especially after walking dogs in the cold for about two hours.

Lately, though, my partner and I have been having what I like to call Toast Thursdays. It started with going to ADF performances on Thursdays, and we’d go to dinner at Toast and then see the show. ADF is long over, but we still like to go to Toast on Thursdays.

There’s a food event in Durham called Bull City Vegan Challenge, in which about ten or so restaurants are challenged to make a vegan dish (appetizer, entree, or dessert). Toast is participating and we tried out its entry into the entree category- a roasted butternut squash panini with arugula, pickled red onions, and caper-walnut salsa verde. It was amazing. I would replicate it, but instead of the salsa verde, add some really good mustard and possibly some farmers’ cheese. I also had the shiitake mushroom arborio rice soup, which was *sigh* so good. Toast makes different versions of arborio rice soup depending on vegetable in season (one version is with turnips, which is much better than it sounds).

Now off to sample more dishes in Bull City Vegan Challenge (already tried Piedmont, Parker and Otis, and Dos Perros), even though I think this one gets my vote.

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One Response to Toast Thursday

  1. marthasnail says:

    it sounds amazing, eunice. i miss toast. so good. would love to hear about the other vegan dishes you ate.

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