Double Broccoli Quinoa

double broccoli quinoa

One of my favorite autumn-winter vegetables is broccoli. Farm -fresh broccoli is so good that my partner and I developed a habit of snacking on it raw (maybe not so good on my digestion) or steamed (much easier on my digestion), without anything added. It’s sweet and nutty at the same time, with a distinctive broccoli flavor. Also, I like the idea of eating miniature forests… but that’s a childhood memory for another day.

I also have a tofu-broccoli-rice habit, in which the only thing that changes is the sauce (my favorite includes peanut, korean bbq, and, er, smothered tofu at Whole Foods). The only problem is that it takes a while to cook brown rice in my rice cooker, whereas quinoa takes a mere 15-20 minutes.

So I was happy when I found the double broccoli quinoa recipe in 101 cookbooks, and it’s a broccoli lover’s dish as well as a sort of quick one-bowl dinner. Don’t be afraid to try quinoa- it tastes a lot better than it cooks (and maybe I should save leftovers so I can photograph food better in natural light). It’s also much better when you cook it with broth than with water, and the red heirloom variety is more flavorful than the standard yellow grain.

I’m not going to print out the recipe here, as it’s not really mine, but I will list notes.

How I cook quinoa:
1 cup quinoa (I use Aztec Red)
2 cups broth (I use Imagine No-Chicken broth)
Put both in a saucepan and let boil, then simmer, covered, for about 15-20 minutes until the quinoa is fluffy when you stir it with a fork.

For the broccoli mixture:
-I used broccoli from the table next to SEEDS booth at Durham Farmers’ Market. If anyone knows the name of the farm, let me know. I used about 3 big stalks.
-I steam my broccoli in a microwave instead of a pot. It’s quite easy- just add broccoli into a microwave safe ceramic bowl, add a bit of water, cover with a ceramic plate, and cook on high for 2-5 minutes (check to see how cooked you want your broccoli).
-You could use Chapel Hill Creamery Asiago instead of parmesan.
-Low fat milk in place of heavy cream will not harm the dish.
-I made far more broccoli pesto mixture than you can add to my quinoa recipe. If you have broccoli pesto mixture left over, you could save it for spaghetti and mix it with some olives and sundried tomatoes for an easy dinner.

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