Halloween dinner

clockwise: smoked batwings, dirtied pumpkin casserole, flaming stuffed newts.
(aka: smoked paprika kale chips, sweet potato casserole, roasted jalapenos stuffed with goat cheese)

Now that Halloween’s over and November is here, I have to think about the upcoming holidays (or as someone put it, the fast and furious). Thanksgiving is a particular favorite of mine; it’s when I met my partner’s family for the first time, it’s when I learned a lot about Southern food (best way to learn all about Southern food in one meal), and I’ve made a lot of traditions (for example, I am always in charge of the cranberry sauce and my cranberry lime sauce never fails). For a long time it’s been in Richmond, VA. This year it’s going to be in Chattanooga, TN, and there’s going to be *BIGGULP* seventeen *BIGGULP* people there. The good news is, I won’t be doing all the cooking, but uhm… that’s a lot of people. Maybe I should start investing in some giant pieces of tupperware. So tell me, have you made Thanksgiving dinner for that many people, and if so, what would you advise doing? (Other than making lots of pies…)

I’m going to leave you with a photo of last year’s thanksgiving dinner. That should have been a foreshadowing.
can we eat now? now? NOW?  (YIP: 328)

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2 Responses to Halloween-and-November

  1. Allison says:

    SEVENTEEN?! That makes me break out into a cold sweat just thinking about it. Thankgsivings were always nice, quiet, quaint affairs in my house. I was horrified when I went to my husband’s house for Thanskgiving. He comes from a large, LOUD family. No one ate together! People were finished and watching the football game before others had even sat down! I haven’t been back since.
    I can’t offer any advice. But I couldn’t let this post go withough saying something….
    Good luck and Happy Holidays!

  2. ejchang says:

    I think Thanksgiving as a nice, quiet quaint affair disappeared with I first dated Seth, especially when his family is there- they’re all blessed? cursed? with the superpower of being able to participate in multiple conversations (except for his mom, who grew up an only child like me, and understands your feelings completely). Throw in a couple of television screens (I think there’s one that directly faces the kitchen) and I have to admit that sometimes I enjoy washing post-feast dishes just to avoid having to participate in the conversations!

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