a food diary of sorts

A sample food diary for the past week, just because:

saturday at scratch.
lunch at Scratch Bakery: pickled egg salad sandwich, winter greens salad, winter root pot pie, sweet potato pie, lemon curd muffin

baked farro pasta
baked farro pasta from 101cookbooks.

Brunch at Watts.

leftovers with fried dumplings (thanks to an overdue trip to the Korean mart).

leftovers with even more fried dumplings!

snow-ice day breakfast
pancakes for breakfast- wilson st. pancakes from here

January 11, 2011
a cross between vegetarian chili-cuban black bean. basically make a sofrito out of onions, carrots, garlic, celery, sweat it out with olive oil, add 2 cans of beans, add a big can of peeled tomatoes, along with 1 tb cumin, 1 tb chile pepper, 2 tb oregano and let simmer. Serve with rice, chopped scallions, and very good cheddar (we had a lovely 8 yr aged cheddar that was just divine). We also served it with roasted tofu cubes, but I want to give them another try to perfect the recipe (the inspiration is from Byrant Terry’s Vegan Soul Food)

not pictured: cinnamon raisin bagel, buttered and toasted. It was defrosted from the big bag of bagels I brought back from a NYC trip- I cannot believe that it is still so very good.

I finally opened the can of oven roasted tomatoes that I grew and made last year, peeled the soft tomatoes, and put them in a tomato-and-cheddar omelette. Oh. my. word. I am so growing these tomatoes and preserving them again, along with tomato jam.

January 12, 2011
udon with carrots and cabbage, with seasoned tempeh crumbles on top.

The nice folks at Toast have shared their incredible Calabrian tomato onion soup, which I heartily recommend with your finest grilled cheese sandwich, or their eggs-with-taleggio-and-chives sandwich. The soup is like a rich tomato version of the french onion soup, and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

Uhm, how is it Friday already? Gotta post this now!

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One Response to a food diary of sorts

  1. marthasnail says:

    can’t wait to try that onion soup. i miss toast. love this peek into your week of eating.

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