Aztec Soup


The idea for the soup isn’t mine- it’s from Ezra, who, in addition to building me a very nice bicycle, is an amazing cook (and videographer). Since I don’t eat chicken, I added some black beans and corn to add a nice sweet depth to the relative tanginess of the soup.

Aztec soup

You can find the recipe and an awesome video of the soup here. You can pretty much follow his directions without worrying too much about it (it’s a very forgivable soup), but if you want to know the exact amounts I used, here you go:

For the soup:
1 box of Imagine no-chicken broth
1 can black beans
1 cup frozen corn
2 onions, diced
1 heaping tb of cumin
4 smoked anchos (wild scallion farm)
as much garlic as you like
4 limes
cilantro (piedmont biofarm)
local hoop cheddar cheese
haberno jack
3 poblanos, roasted

Notes: I added corn and beans after the initial steep/simmer with the onions, garlic anchos, and cumin. I let that cook for about 15 minutes or so, then added the poblanos and lime juice.

Also- layer the soup exactly the way Ezra tells you to- first, tortillas, then a mix of cheese, then cilantro, then the soup. It’s an excellent combination. Or you could just have the soup and have cheese quesadillas next to it. Either way works.

February 8, 2011

To go with the soup, I made whole wheat tortillas from scratch. It’s not very difficult, and leftovers are great for making quesadillas (just melt cheese on a tortilla under a broiler and cover with another tortilla). Local whole wheat flour makes this really special.

Whole wheat tortillas, from Local Kitchen
whole wheat flour (brinkley farm)
olive oil

Notes: You can roll and heat the tortillas at the same time- just keep an eye on the tortillas to make sure they are not burned. Tortillas also crisp up nicely in the broiler, without any additional oil.

For frying tortillas: heat on med-high about 1″ of oil in a pan, cut tortillas into triangles, and fry until they’re dark on each side, about 15-30 seconds each. put them on a papertowel to drain grease and salt them lightly.

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