Buckwheat Noodles in a Red Pepper Sauce with Spinach and Swiss Cheese

February 22, 2011

Things have been a little slow at Chez Accidental Southerner. Mostly because I’ve been rotating recipes I’ve already written here, and mostly b/c I have been eating out quite a bit. The weather’s been exceptionally nice and warm and just about begs an excuse to go out and see the world (or garden).

One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that I’ve transitioned to more raw foods. I’ve started to crave lettuce more than root vegetables, and salads are in heavy rotation. This isn’t exactly raw, since the noodles need to be boiled, and the peppers are already roasted, but this recipe won’t require you to turn on your oven. If you like the roasted red pepper, spinach, and swiss cheese combination, you’ll love this very simple pasta recipe.

Buckwheat noodles in a Red Pepper Sauce with Spinach and Swiss Cheese

  • 1 package buckwheat (soba) noodles
  • 1 jar of roasted red peppers (need about 3 red peppers)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 3 TB plain greek yogurt
  • salt to taste
  • pinch of red chili flakes (I used 4 pinches, use to taste)
  • 1 small bag spinach (from Brinkley Farms)
  • Chapel HIll Creamery Thunder Mountain Swiss (you can use Asiago or a combination of Parmesan or Jarlesberg)
  • a handful of black olives (optional)
    1. Prepare noodles according to directions.
    2. In a food processor, combine 3 red peppers, garlic, yogurt, salt, and red chili flakes until smooth.
    3. In a bowl, arrange spinach on the bottom. When the noodles are ready, mix with the roasted red pepper sauce (you will have some left over) and then put on top of spinach.
    4. Slice or grate Thunder Mountain Swiss cheese over the noodles. Add slices of black olives if desired.

    Anchovies would work well here in place of olives. Also, chopped toasted walnuts might be good as well.

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    2 Responses to Buckwheat Noodles in a Red Pepper Sauce with Spinach and Swiss Cheese

    1. Eily says:

      If you’re into salads, this one is a must — So. good. http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/raw-tuscan-kale-salad-recipe.html

      Also, how am I just learning of the accidental southerner?! I clearly have some catching up to do. The site is gorgeous. And I cannot wait to make the goat cheese biscuits…

      • ejchang says:

        Thanks 🙂 I love raw kale, but Seth doesn’t so much, but I’m slowly sneaking it past him (lightly blanched kale works).

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