Review: Pie Pushers

May 7, 2011

From a distance, you may be wondering if this new food truck called Pie Pushers is worth the hype.

April 18, 2011

How about from this distance? Does that help? 🙂

As you might have guessed, Pie Pushers is a food truck that makes pizza. To be honest, I don’t expect a lot out of pizza in Durham, because I admit to being a pizza snob (I’m from NYC after all, and good pizza is kind of like bagels from NYC in that they both somehow taste a lot better in NYC). You can tell that I eat pizza differently in NYC and in Durham, because in NYC, I will eat nothing but plain cheese slices, toppings be damned, whereas in NC, I will eat slices with at least four toppings on it, and one of them must be garlic. Basically, I couldn’t find a decent cheese pizza in Durham…until now.

That’s right. Pie Pushers makes the best plain cheese pizza in town. I don’t know how they do it- but the crust is properly thin and crispy, the tomato sauce is not watery or overly thick, and has just the right amount of sweetness to it, and the mozzarella is salty and chewy. They got that combination right, and it brings back many good memories of eating pizza in my childhood.

my plate. *burp*

This is not to say that pizza elsewhere is not as good– before Pie Pushers came into scene, I got my pizza fix from Pop’s Backdoor. Their pizza is very good (particularly the mushroom lovers but very different. The crust is more bready and oily, much like a foaccacia, and I’d have to say that the style is closer to a Chicago deep-dish pizza than a NYC-style pizza. But hey, now Durhamnites can get best of both worlds.

watts up pizza

Anyway, that’s not all. Pie Pushers uses local ingredients and creativity to make their signature pizzas, and wow, our palates are better for it. Some of their combinations: smoked gouda-brussel sprouts-corn, strawberry-and-goat cheese, asparagus-shiitake mushrooms, peashoots-parmesan-pesto… and that’s just even before the summer vegetables comes pouring in. I’m looking forward to see if they’ll use okra or even peaches on their pizza.

actual garlic knots

Even better, their garlic knots have a piece of actual roasted garlic inside them. I find most garlic knots tasteless and disappointing (most of them are just lightly powdered garlic dough), so this really pleased me. If you smear the roasted garlic inside before eating, you’ll get more garlic flavor. Mmmmmm garlic.

the truck

If you’d like to try Pie Pushers for yourself, you can find them by checking their twitter page (seriously, the best reason to get twitter is to keep track of food trucks in Durham…or when Sam’s Quik Shop is stocking your favorite beer. No need to tweet, just read and follow).

It looks like they’re doing a wonderful pizza and beer collaboration this Friday (tomorrow)- Fullsteam’s Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale and Basil pizza. You can find more information here.

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One Response to Review: Pie Pushers

  1. Erin says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Pie Pushers pizza is the deeeee-licious!

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