Week in Food [2/52]

January 12, 2012

(this photo is misleading, but please enjoy the cheese on my behalf.)

This week was a challenge, as I’ve been sick since Sunday. I may or may not have a recipe for you this weekend, depending on how it turns out…

broccoli slaw with braised tofu


Bombay Fish and Chips

Bombay Fish and Chips at Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe

Pad See Ew from Thai Cafe

Kale/Egg Panini with Seafood-broth soup from Toast

Tofu Burrito Mejor from Carburritos

Hot and sour soup from Whole Foods

Kale and Corn Chowder from Whole Foods and some roasted local sweet potatoes

Hopefully something I make myself!


When I’m sick, I have a hard time cooking (no energy for it) so I resort to takeout or even just bowls of ramen. I never really grew up with chicken soup for colds, just a lot of noodle bowls, so it’s a habit that stuck with me.

One thing I’ve found that makes ramen better is adding some fresh greens (pea shoots are a favorite; cilantro, bean sprouts, spinach, shiitake mushrooms are also good) and pouring in a beaten egg to make a sort of egg-drop soup style. Add more soy sauce (for salt) or sriracha (for spice- it will make your nose clear).

Since my throat really hurts this time, I’ve found smoothies to be a really handy way of getting fresh fruit/veggies. You can find my smoothie recipe here all the way at end of this post– adding greens is optional.

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