Week in Food [4/52]

Salmon Pot Pie @Bull McCabe’s. A sort of not too horrible night in which every single restaurant in downtown durham seemed to be booked! Fortunately, there was a small spot in Bull McCabe’s and we had terrific seat neighbors and ended up talking about biking…

more naked vegan tacos.
Naked Vegan Tacos, again. No one really complains about this. 🙂

sunday dinner
roasted tofu with mellow miso dressing (from my new roots). sweet and sour red cabbage. charred red spring onions mixed with quinoa.

Pizza from Pie Pushers (cheese and winter veggies)

Tofu Burritos from Carrburritos

January 25 2012
quinoa with feta, walnut, turnip greens. honeyed roasted turnips. roasted carrots with thyme and garlic.

food from Boxcarr Farms:
pasta with lemon thyme beurre blanc, boursin, arugula (really the best excuse for having pasta)
smoked farmers cheese swiss chard tart with sherry vinagrette greens
frito misto
Smores: dark chocolate pudding with caramel, swiss meringue, graham cracker

Can you tell I like routines? Next week will be different- let’s call it an Asheville special. 🙂

And this week’s favorite snack:
greek yogurt mixed with sorghum syrup (seems to be featured everywhere, such as nytimes and bon appetit), walnuts, and freeze-dried raspberries. blissfully tart and sweet at the same time.

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One Response to Week in Food [4/52]

  1. marthasnail says:

    love seeing your week in food.
    i had a butterscotch pudding with salted caramel from hen of the wood that was crazy good and a tulsi chai in BTV that i wish i could recreate at home.

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