Week in Food [7/52]

Shredded sweet potatoes, cabbage and farro from this recipe, topped with Chapel Hill Creamery Asiago

Scratch Saturday
Winter Veggie and Dumplings, banana cream pie @Scratch Bakery

February 11, 2012
Vegetarian Pho with braised tofu

KoKyu BBQ bloody brunch
brunch: virgin bloody mary @Motorco, faux buffalo chicken slider with sweet potato fries @KoKyuBBQ

February 12, 2012
dinner: blueberry pancakes and roasted winter veggies (maple-dijon Brussels sprouts and carrots)

curried lentil and spinach with fried paneer cubes

tofu burrito mejor at Carrburritos
mud pie a la mode from Elmo’s Diner (a Valentine’s tradition)

Kimchi Tempeh Experiment
Sort-of kimchi tempeh reuben: tempeh with melted asiago cheese, warmed kimchi. served over mustard-dressed salad greens and avocado.

Brassicas + Sausages
seared vegan Field Roast sausages with Mark Bittman’s roasted brussel sprouts and buttered broccoli (Pine Knot Farms produce rules!)

Favorite tip of the week: making scrambled eggs this way, especially with Chapel Hill Creamery raw milk Hickory Grove and last year’s thawed pesto.

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One Response to Week in Food [7/52]

  1. Beck Tench says:

    Thanks for the “eggs this way” link — made a sandwich this morning, awesome.

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