Week in Food [10 & 11 / 52]

Week #10:

Double Broccoli Quinoa
lunch: double broccoli quinoa (from 101 Cookbooks) with avocado and shredded asiago and a bit sriracha

dinner: cauliflower soup and anchovy bruschetta @Toast with bonus smoked mackerel and blood orange crostini

shrimp tacos@Bull McCabe’s
beers @Bull City Burger and Brewery

Peanut Noodles with Braised Tofu
peanut noodles with braised tofu

three tacos (shrimp, mahi-mahi, veggie) @Dos Perros

tofu burrito @Carrburritos

dinner on wednesday
roasted carrots, sautéed asian greens, chickpea salad (from Orangette)

beet salad
lunch: roasted beets with walnuts and hook’s 3 year blue cheese

boxcarr farms @fullsteam
dinner: 4 plates (potato leek soup, leek tart with argulua, pasta with arugula and ricotta, fritto misto) from Boxcarr Farms @Fullsteam; affogato from The Parlour and Bike Coffee

Week #11

Southern Veggie plate special (fried okra, mac and cheese, hushpuppies, collards) @Geer St. Garden

Saturday breakfast
brunch: folded eggs with pretzel from @caferprost

dinner: Cuban black beans with marinated lettuce/tomato/avocado salad

fried oysters and pickled okra with tabasco dressing, fried flounder with sea peas/rice/brussel sprouts, half of chocolate chess pie with banana caramel ice cream @Watts Grocery

sautéed asian greens in black bean garlic sauce with Trader Joe’s edamame tofu nuggets and roasted tofu

tofu burritos @Carrburritos

our home grown lettuce salad with flat river farm tomato, kidney beans, raw milk hickory grove cheese, garlic-mustard dressing

Pad See Ew Broccoli @Thai Cafe (longest time in which we’ve gone without Thai food!!)


Two tips:

1- If you see Big Spoon peanut butter, buy it. Then get your favorite dark chocolate bar and dip pieces into the peanut butter. Instant dessert gratification. One local bakery here has Big Spoon peanut butter croissants, but I keep missing them. And get two jars. They go FAST, they’re that good.

2- If you are into a Southern food March Madness, here is the bracket for you. I think I keep waffling between pimento cheese vs deviled eggs and mac and cheese vs collard greens.

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2 Responses to Week in Food [10 & 11 / 52]

  1. marthasnail says:

    there are so many places you list that i’ve never even heard of! would love to try some big spoon peanut butter. always love your week in food updates.

    • ejchang says:

      Oh man. Durham has changed a lot since you’ve left…mostly for the better. But there are SO many changes. Today was Marry Durham event and it was packed. Friendly, but PACKED.

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