Week in Food [12/52]

2 slices of pizza (plain cheese and a goat cheese, pineapple, banana peppers thing) @Pie Pushers

March 17, 2012

Sprecher Irish Stout and a big salad with our homegrown lettuce (along with tomato, kidney beans, smoked farmer’s cheese, avocado, garlic mustard dressing.)

hot and sour soup and General Tso’s mock chicken @Whole Foods.

roasted broccoli

roasted broccoli with smoky chickpeas and oven roasted tomatoes

tofu burritos @Carrburitos
banana pudding @Whole Foods

veggie burger and beer @BullMcCabe’s
honey hazelnut ice cream with praline pecans @The Parlour


cabbage peanut crunch salad and braised tofu

No new insight this time…just wondering why I seem to make my recipes over and over. Maybe I’m being boring. Ah well, I’ll test how long I can stand to eat the same thing over and over because we’ll be clearing a LOT of kale (maybe 10 lbs worth) from our garden as well as trying to finish our lettuce.

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One Response to Week in Food [12/52]

  1. E says:

    I have the exact opposite problem. I make things. Once. And, like the goldfish I am, I’m immediately on to the next. It’s sad.

    Re: getting rid of massive amounts of kale… 1) salt and vinegar kale chips. 2) 101cookbooks just yesterday posted a recipe for Saag Paneer. I’d hazard you could sneak quite a bit o’kale in there, along with the spinach.

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