[14/52] Week in Food

2 slices of pizza (one with asparagus, one plain) @pie pushers

Skillet Asparagus with Chervil Butter
asparagus cooked in a skillet with chervil butter, roasted red pepper-tomato soup with fried paneer cubes

Coconut cake

April 1, 2012
amazing dinner @wattsgrocery

highlights: pimento cheese with enormous potato chips, beet-potato salad, cornmeal-crusted flounder over sea island peas and brussel sprouts, sorghum ice cream over pecan tartlet, southern coconut cake

Monday: (peanut butter and jelly day!)
sauteed kale and roasted asparagus

too many pbj sammich samples @This and That Jam’s Peanut butter and jelly event

tofu burrito @Carrburritos

dry sauteed string beans (recommended), fish fillet in spicy sichuan sauce @happy china

April 5, 2012
lunch: bowl of beans and milanos @scratch bakery

Parlez-Vous Crepe
dinner: feta, tomatoes, basil, caramellized onion crepe, lemon cream crepe with strawberries @Parlez-Vous Crepe

This was my week “off” so there was a lot of eating out! So the following week I cooked with a venegance…lots of recipes to come!

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