[21/52] Week in Food

Yes, I’m back. Alert the media!

Photo May 29, 6 42 17 PM
first ripe plum on our tree!

Photo May 25, 12 43 57 PM
“Japanese Bento” lunch: cucumber avocado salad, fried rice with egg and soy sauce, tomato and pickled sugar snap pea salad

Photo May 26, 4 19 42 PM
lunch: scallops nicoise and berliner donuts @Gugulhupf

dinner: Grilled Whole Branzino with summer vegetable ratatouille, crispy eggplant, balsamic vincotto glaze @G2B

Photo May 27, 4 24 48 PM
fish tacos @Nanatacos (hey we were tired from kayaking and sailing all early afternoon!)

Monday: the 28th:
lunch: 3 salad platter: greek salad, tomato and corn salad, deviled eggs @Parker and Otis (I love the return of tomato and corn salad at Parker and Otis- it’s one of my favorite summer dishes)

Photo May 28, 7 28 31 PM
dinner: zucchini pancakes, cabbage crunch/slaw, foccacia, tomato and pickled sugar snap pea salad, vietnamese coffee ice cream, mint fruit salad

tofu burritos @Carrburritos

Photo May 30, 11 31 28 AM
a breakfast of hot slaw, eggs, veggie sausage, nasturtiums

May 30, 2012
dinner: lentil “meatball” fritters, cumin cauliflower, lettuce tossed with raita

veggie burger @Bull McCabe’s

Okay, that was too long of a break from this blog.

All I can say I’m going to try to do better. I’m going to add recipes to each week’s summary, so I don’t forget, and I’m going to try to work backwards if I can. There may be things a little out of synch but I’m hoping to get everything all organized and settled in by end of this month.

Friends again?

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