[22/52] Week in Food

Photo Jun 01, 2 20 02 PM
lunch: green tomato and ricotta tartine with vin cotto @Scratch Bakery

June 1, 2012
dinner: salad bowl of peanut lettuce “noodles”, marinated radish,  sesame cucumber pickle,  roasted mushrooms, roasted tofu,  steamed broccoli

dessert: peach slices in Julian hard cider Cherry Bomb

spanish tortilla and fennel slaw

brunch: spanish tortilla and fennel slaw
dinner: raw oysters, soft shell crab with cauliflower, lemon tart

June 3, 2012
brunch: sesame cucumber pickle and tomato salad along with leftovers for brunch

June 3, 2012
dinner: salad bowl of cauliflower and carrot chow chow, savory roasted tofu with roasted mushrooms, tomatoes, smoked farmers cheese, fennel orange soda

June 4, 2012
a Korean style dinner: Korean BBQ tempeh, lettuce mixed with bulgogi sauce, cucumber-avocado salad, nori, brown rice, roasted green beans with parmesan

my summer lunch @pando
lunch: 3 salad platter: Greek, tomato and corn, deviled egg @Parker and Otis

yummy dinner
braised leeks and fennel with muscovado lentils
roasted zucchini with parmesan

First thursdays at oval park
Chirba Chirba veggie dumplings and noodles
a slice of cheese pizza and lil’ farm squash slice @piepushers

Whew. That was a productive cooking week!

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