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Braised leek and fennel with brown sugar lentils

Pretty, no? While the dish sounds complicated, it is actually fairly straightforward and a great way to use up last of spring’s root vegetables, leeks and fennel. And while it is a little bit sweet, the savory flavor of leeks … Continue reading

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Lentil and Spinach Curry

This is one of my better meals- I used whatever I had in the fridge and it all worked out wonderfully. This is a iron-packed dish and is just plain delicious. And probably great for detoxing. I got inspired by … Continue reading

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Lentil and Carrot Stew with Avocado-Blood Orange Salad

Apparently I am still on a bean kick, because I made this lentil and carrot stew and to contrast with it, an avocado and blood orange salad (which will be henceforth called the California salad, since I’m sure everything on … Continue reading

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